Playlist 2018 - 06-07

TOKA - RAdioShow 98

Deist & Brandenburg - Herzchen 2018 (Extended)
Ed Sheeran - Happier (Tiesto AFTR HRS Remix)
Klingande feat. Krishane - Rebel Yell (Extended Mix)
Krass Bunt feat. HimbeerE!s - Papierflieger (Ramba Zamba)
Marc Novus - Real Sunshine
MARQUESS FEAT. NENÉ VASQUEZ - Calle Del Ritmo (Madizin Remix)
Voellig Verrueckt Und Irre Im Kopf (feat. Bobby Mercy) - Ich Will Nicht Zurueck (Extended Mix)
Ruefues Du Sol - No Place (Club Edit)
VIZE - Glad You Came (Extended Mix)
Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry (Eric Kuppers Mix of Epic Proportions)
AVVAH - Morgen Wird Perfekt (Pretty Pink Remix)
Badetasche - Vielleicht
Boogie Pimps AND Shannon LaBrie - Head Down (DJ Sign Mix)
Cristian Marchi Ft. Block - Baker Street (Extended Mix)
Dream Sound Masters feat Bobby Mercy - Please Dont Let Me Down (Extended Mix)
Joseph Armani and Baxter - Candy (Valiant Kings and Sonny Vice Remix)
Ofenbach Vs. Lack Of Afro - Party (Feat. Wax. Herbal T) (Extended Mix)
Rico + Rico Feat. Sunny D - Liebeslieder (Club Mix)
Badetasche feat. Laurenz - Sommer Am See (Extended Mix)
Boston Bun Ft. DVNO - Spread Love (Paddington)(Extended)
Cash Cash - Finest Hour (Feat._ABIR) (Denis First Reznikov Remix)
Christian Van Ham - One Direction (NeoTune Extended Remix)
George Whyman & Falken feat. Friedemann Petter - Der Mond scheint Königin (Extended)
Patz & Grimbard - Sommermädchen (Extended Mix)
Disco Riders & Kleeberg feat. Ama Pola - Nur Ein Wort 2K1
Die Fantastischen Vier - Zusammen feat. Clueso (Ric Einenkel Remix)
KROKODILE KRUEGEL - Drivin Me (12Inch-Maxi)
Melloton feat. Laura Luppino - Zombie 2k18 (Extended Mix)
Platinum Doug - Do It Big (Original Club Mix)
Sono - Let Go (PVSHL-Remix)
ArrEss feat. Urbanize - Warten auf Dich (ArrEss Remix)
Bougenvilla - Utami (Extended Mix)
Amoon, Walking Path, Marc KUKKA - 100XX(Original Mix)
Blue-M feat. Pesho & Dave Bo - I Told You (Groovefore Remix Extended)
Mousse T. - Boyfriend (Alle Farben Remix)
NARI, PAIN, TAVA & LUCIANA - Pump It Up (Extended Mix)
Roger-M - Sing For You (Miqro & Milkwish vs. Pete Berg Remix)
Romano Meinert - The Knife (Club Edit)
The Prince Karma - Later Bitches (Original)
You In Mind - Hoodie Girl (Extended Mix)
Markus Poley & Nico Wood - Dance For Me (Booty Radio Edit)
Dream Sound Masters ft. Jonathan Reichling & Khebri - Lost Without You (Hypnotize Brothers Remix)
LIZOT Ft. Oscar Merner - Midnight Sun (Extended Mix)
Mark Tarmonea - Clocks (STEREO EXPRESS REMIX)
Pretty Pink & Chapeau Claque - Wenn jetzt Sommer waer (Club Mix)
2raumwohnung - Ich Bin Die Bass Drum (Jan Oberlaender Remix)
Adam Trigger - Olé (HUGEL Extended Remix)
Adel Tawil - Flutlicht (Sebastien Club Remix)
Cedric Gervais - Do It Tonight (Extended Mix)
Christina Aguilera - Accelerate (Dicey And Faraoh Black Remix)
LAUV - Chasing Fire (Robin Schulz Remix)
Lea - Zu dir (Halbsteiv Edit)
Miriam Bryant - Black Car (Clairmont Remix)
Peter Schilling - Terra Titanic (A&D Bootleg)
PH!L - The Way I do 2k18 (Club Mix)
Chris Anera - The Only One (Extended Mix)
Dream Sound Masters feat Jonathan Reichling & Khepri - So Nice (Noble Tonez Remix)
Frequenz Tendenz feat Mirko Santocono & Maso - Esta es Tu Noche (Frequenz Tendenz Remix)
Chris Odd & Peter Base ft Jaymz Arthor Hendrix - La Vueltecita (Future House Remix)
Wankelmut, Alexander Tidebrink - Work of Art (Kryder Remix)
Cecilia Krull - My Life Is Going On (ALOK Jetlag Music Hot-Q Wadd Remix)
Deepend, YOUNOTUS feat. Martin Gallop - Woke Up In Bangkok (Club Mix)
Emanuele Chiesa DJ ft Yuawi - Movimiento Naranja (Club Mix
Marcus Knight - Like A Drug (Original Mix)
Tungevaag, Rabaan - Al For Love (Extended Mix)
Alexander Marcus - 1, 2, 3 (Talstrasse 3-5 Remix)
D'mia and Calectro - You Are (Extended Mix)
Drenchill Ft. Indiiana - Hey Hey (Extended Mix)
Housefly - Move It On (Extended Mix)
Namika - Je ne parle pas français (Adam Rise Remix)
Regi feat. Jake Reese - Ellie (Original
Chris Cox-Lee Dagger ft Ollie James - Messin with My Mind (Fenix Club Mix)
Christian Van Ham - My Girl (Extended Mix)
2elements feat. PrinceAlonzo - Feel Good (Original Mix)
Leandro Da Silva - So Excited (Calippo's I Think I Like It Club Remix)
Marc Reason & HimbeerE!s - Honigmund (Extended)
Sigala x Fuse ODG x Sean Paul Feat. Kent Jones - Feels Like Home (Extended Mix)
Sons Of Maria - Break Through (Extended Mix)
Sunset City - Pockets (Marcapasos & Janosh Extended Remix)
Alvaro Soler - La Cintura (Carra & Mark Freeborn Remix)
AirDice - Löwenzahn Festival AND Bratwurscht Remix 2018 (Extended Mix)
Croatia Squad - Café Brasil (Original Club Mix)
Diana Ross - Im Coming Upside Down (Chris Cox Club Mix)
Atilla Cetin n Nicky Louwers -Lets Do It Again (Nitec Mix)
AVADOX & Arsello - We Could Be Happy (Original Mix)
Disco Riders, Van Dynen & Kleeberg - I Follow You 2K18 (Krass Bunt Remix)
Dream Sound Masters feat Thierry Mersch - Inferno (Hypnotize Brothers Remix)
Galantis - Spaceship (Feat. Uffie)(Denis First Reznikov Extended Remix)
George Ezra - Shotgun (The Wild Remix Extended)
Halbsteiv feat. Vincenzo - Wie man liebt (Extended Mix)
HUGEL Ft. Taio Cruz - Signs (Extended Mix)
Hypnotize Brothers feat. Mirko Santocono - Meer aus Kristall (Dance Remix)
Lost Frequencies feat. James Blunt - Melody (Ofenbach Extended Remix)
Madstep - All The Boys (Club Mix)
Mike Williams, Stevie Appleton Ft. A M E - Give It Up (Extended Mix)
Mr.Da-Nos - El Mundo (de Lattesso) (DJ Can Remix Extended)
Nora En Pure - Don't Look Back (Extended Mix)
Stupid Goldfish - Arabica (Extended Mix)
Shugga - Wunderschön (Lukas Kleeberg Remix)
Sultan + Shepard - I Got 5 on It (Extended Mix)
Chromeo Ft DRAM - Must´ve Been (Yolanda Be Cool Remix)
Flo Rida and T-Pain - Low (Davi Hemann Remix Original Mix)
Halbsteiv - Schöner fremder Mann (Booty)
Kylie Minogue - Stop Me From Falling (Joe Stone Remix)
Madstep - Calabria (Original)
Manuel Riva ft Alexandra Stan - Miami (Adrian Funk X OLiX Remix Ext)
Matty Menck feat. Mia Electra - Same For Everyone (Jerry Ropero Remix)
Melloton - Sommerabend (Extended Mix)