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Playlist 2021 - 133

TOKA - RadioShow 133

Tiësto x Ava Max - The Motto (Robin Schulz Extended Remix)
Sean Finn, Block & Crown, Christop - D.IS.C.O. (Original Mix)
EDX feat. Allie Crystal - Don't Be Afraid (Extended Mix)
Deeperlove - Drop It (Special Vibe Extended Remix)
DAVE MAK & SHEMENZO FEAT. P - Lorando Se Fue (Lambada) (Extended Mix)
Riggi & Piros & MADDS feat. Aman - Don't Wanna Fall in Love (Extended Mix)
Bastian Harper - Behind The Wheel
Sam Collins & Hypelezz feat. Clare - The Magic Key (Extended Mix)
mOat - Paradise (A,me Extended Remix)
MAZZA - Baby (Extended Mix)
Freischwimmer x C-Ro - Live My Life (Extended Mix)
Flying Tomcat - Get Up
FISHER - Palm Beach Banga (Extended Mix)
DISCO CULTURE FEAT. GREG & Gregory - Staying Alive (Scotty Goes Disco Extended Mix)
Dante Klein feat. Megan Brands - Tell It To My Heart (Extended Mix)
ARTY feat. Griff Clawson - Those Eyes (MOTi Extended Remix)
ANSP - Into The Unknown (Andrew Spencer Extended Mix)
Supafly & De Funk - Pleasure Love (Extended Mix)
Sorana x David Guetta - redrulv (Robin Schulz Extended Remix)
Regard x Years & Years - Hallucination (Extended Mix)
Purple Disco Machine + Sophie And - In The Dark (Oliver Heldens Extended Remix)
Luude feat. Colin Hay - Down Under (Majestic Remix)
Cleez - Last Night (Kenneth B Extended Remix)
Marc Reason & Jakle & Manolita - Uh La La La 2k22
Sons Of Maria - Close to Me (Extended Mix)
Pete Mazell & Elena Christiansen - Letzte Sommermacht
Patz & Grimbard, Jason Anousheh - Shining Song (Extended Mix)
Monoplan - L.O.V.E. (Extended Mix)
Mike Candys - Louder (Extended Mix)
Jaded - Overtime (Yolanda Be Cool Extended Remix)
Damon Paul & Marc Reason & Jakl - You Can't Stop Me Now
Cedric Gervals feat, Tudor - Only One Night (Extended Mix)
BURNS - Talamanca (Robin Schulz Remix)
Mischa Dash - Hollow Flow (Extended Mix)
Jack Rush - Locked (Extended Mix)
D.T.E - Wanna Give You Love (Extended Mix)
Clean Bandit Ft. A75 - Everything But You (Extended Mix)
Brando - Look into My Eyes (Extended Mix)
ACRAZE - Do It To It (ft. Cherish) (Tiésto Extended Remix)
Volkoder & Yolanda Be Cool - Work Your Body (Extended Mix)
Brando - Close to You (Extended Mix)
Audien feat. XIRA - One Last Dance (Extended Mix)
Stupid Goldfish - Hope (Extended Mix)
Sean Finn & Bodybangers - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy (Extended Mix)
Maurice West - Sky Turns Dark (Extended Mix)
JULIAN KNOXX - Line (Extended Mix)
David Hansen - Party Girl (Extended Mix)
Croatia Squad - Down to the Beat (Club Mix)
ALOK & Alan Walker Ft. KIDDO - Headlights (Extended Mix)
Flying Tomcat - Yummy
Dirty Sunchez - Rave! (Extended Mix)
Cleez - Loved by You (Extended Mix)
CHRIS LORENZO FEAT. HIGH JIN - California Dreamin' (LP Giobbi Extended Remix)
Zack Martino & Jay Mason - Don't Speak (Extended Mix)
Tommy Trash - Jaguwawa (Extended Mix)
Sons Of Maria - Do You Love Me (Extended Mix)
MoDy - Almost Home (Feel Glück x DJ Bonzay Remix) Extendedjdeep+
KLAAS - Read My Mind (Extended Mix)
Armin van Buuren & Sam Gray - Human Touch (Extended Mix)
Thoby - You & Me (Extended Mix)
STEREOACT - Wunderlampe (Extended Mix)
Sean Finn - Disco Revenge 2021 (Cassimm Remix)
Martin Trevy - Bassline (Extended Mix)
LUCA DEBONAIRE & MAICKEL TELUSSA - Be My Lover (Block & Crown NuDisco Bounce Mix)
LIZOT - What They Want (Extended Mix)
Kid Chris - Up & Down (Lia's Theme) (Extended Mix)
Jakle & Marc Reason - Our House
Le Youth & Anakim feat. Linney - Lullaby (Extended Mix)
STEVE MODANA & SARY - Fireflies (Extended Mix)
Sorana x David Guetta - redruM (MistaJam Extended Remix)
offrami & Liam Cole - Trippin' (Extended Mix)
Diplo With Miguel - Don't Forget My Love (Extended Mix)
Chris van Baal - Mirror Mirror
ANDREW SPENCER - Take Me Out (Extended Mix)
DJ Bonzay & Laurenz - Ans Meer (Kevin Miller Extended Mix)
Pete Mazell - Spread My Wings
Pete Mazell - Mistake
Freaky DJs, SHOÖM - Again & Again (Extended Mix)House++
Calippo - Rest of Me (Extended Mix)
BOOTMASTERS & VISIONEIGHT - Illusions & Lies (Extended)
Tito Puente - Oye Como Va (Simon Fava & Yvan Back Extended Remix)
KLAAS - First Girl On The Moon (Extended Mix)
Chris Decay & Lea Faê - Touch Me
Charming Horses & Kickbait - Don't Want No Scrubs (Extended Mix)
Beachbag & Drive With Beats & Ladina Viva featuring Max Riven - Friday
Reza & JJ Mullor - Don't Ever Stop (Extended Mix)
ARTY feat. Rozzi - Who Do You Love (Extended Mix)

Playlist 2021 - 132

TOKA - RadioShow 132

KLAAS - Dead Or Alive (Extended Mix)
Mazza - I Feel Love (Klaas Extended Mix)
Bugatti Music - Bang Bang (Extended Mix)
Cleez - Cold World (Extended Mix)
FR!ES - Illuminate (Extended Mix)
HUGEL x Jude, Frank x Twolate - La Candela Viva (Extended Mix)
Jaques Raupé & Future Mind - Holiday Crasher (Extended Version)
KLAAS - Shine A Light (Extended Mix)
VIZE - Dancing Alone (Extended Mix)
Andrew Spencer - Take Me Out (Extended Mix)
Blue-M - Voices (Extended Mix)
Neptunica & LUNAX - Darkness (Extended Mix)
Sigala - Melody (Extended Mix)
TVILLING - Time (Extended)
Alle Farben, HUGEL Ft. FAST BOY - Castle (Extended Mix)
Armin van Buuren & AVIRA feat. Be No Rain - Hollow (Colyn Extended Remix)
House Dat Shit & Brize - You Heard What You Wanted (Club Mix)
M-Funk - All Night Long (Extended Mix)
Mark Bale - Need Nobody (LANNÉ Extended Remix)
MOGUAI, MAUI VS. TERRI B - Get Down (Extended Mix)
Topic x Robin Schulz x Nico Santos x Paul Van Dyk - In Your Arms (For An Angel)(Extended Mix)
Joel Corry Ft. Mabel - I Wish (Extended Mix)
Deeperlove - Say My Name (Extended Mix)
Dragonette, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano & Cat Dealers feat. Bruno Martini - Summer Thing (Les Bisous Extended Remix)
Klingande x Merk & Kremont Ft. MKLA - Planet In The Sky (Extended Mix)
liquidfive - Maliboo (Extended Mix)
Marc Reason - Disco´s Revenge (Original)
PERFECT PITCH, ROCCO, EVIE - Like We Used To (Extended Mix)
Shane Gunn - The Beat (Original)
Shockz & MEELA - When You Say Hello (Extended Mix)
Westbam ML, Inga Humpe - Wasteland (Extended)
David Puentez, Isaak Guderian - Baby Steps (Extended Mix)
Benni Bensen - Don´t Let Me Go (Original)
Claptone Ft. Dizzy - Queen_Of Ice (Nora En Pure Extended Club Mix)
ALOK Ft. John Martin - Wherever You Go (Alle Farben Extended Remix)
Gabry Ponte x R3HAB x Timmy Trumpet - Call Me (Extended Mix)
Rammor x LissA x Chaël - Lights Go Out (Extended Mix)
Chris Lorenzo Ft. High Jinx - California Dreamin (Extended Mix)
Sonic One - Ring the Alarm (KYANU Extended Remix)
Sons Of Maria - Are You (Extended Mix)
Laurent Simeca, Stephan M - Feel The Rhythm (Extended Mix)
Chambray Ft. Rebecca Fiona - Someday (Club Mix)
DJ Antoine & Flip Capella feat. Evelyn - Dark Love (Extended Mix)
EDX - On My Mind (Extended Mix)
LIZOT x Boney M. - Daddy Cool (Extended Club VIP Mix)
Marcus Brodowski - Without Your Love (sunsets sandals Remix)
SAM FELDT, RITA ORA - Follow Me (Extended)
Cedric Gervais - Hype (Extended Mix)
DaGreeys featuring Aline - Moving All Around (Original)
LION BABE Ft. Busta Rhymes - Harder (Extended Mix)
Lost Frequencies Ft. Calum Scott - Where Are You Now (Kungs Remix)
Mike Candys - Baby (Extended Mix)
Purple Disco Machine, Sophie And The Giants - In The Dark (Extended Mix)
Sorana x David Guetta - redruM (Original)
twoloud & Lion feat. Aylin - You Got It Boy (Deeperlove Extended Remix)
ANDREW SPENCER - Celebration (Dex Wilson, Alan B Remix)
Crunkz - Superlike (Extended Mix)
Darius & Finlay & MartinBepunkt & Shaun Baker - Mein kleines Herz (Bam Bam) (Extended Mix)
Disco Riders & LKDR - Unknown (Vortecs Extended Club Mix)
Leandro Da Silva feat. C-Fast - Breakout (Extended Mix)
MBNN, Rowald Steyn - ilomilo (Extended Mix)
NOØN, Anna Grey & ALOTT - Belka (ALOTT Extended Mix)
Phil Fuldner - That Girl (Extended Mix)
Tensnake feat. HËXĖ - Call Me (Tensnake Noir Extended Mix)
twoloud & Deeperlove - Punk (Extended Mix)
Volkoder & Meca - Feel Good (Extended Mix)
NERVO Ft. Salena Mastroianni - Flames (Extended Mix)
FLUXX FEAT. ELATION - For My Own (Extended Mix)
Jakle - We Got The Fire (Marc Reason Remix Edit)
KOCHAM - Beat Goes On (Extended Mix)
NOØN, Wankelmut & Marie Bothmer - Cross My Mind (Extended Mix)
Patrick Legont - Let Me Know (Club Edit)
RAY ISAAC - Fired Up - Fired Up (The Bumjackers Disco Mix)
Robin Schulz, Dennis Lloyd - Young Right Now (VIP Mix)
Wave Wave, Jaxomy Ft. EVIE - Real (Extended Mix)

Playlist 2021 - 131

TOKA - RadioShow 131

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, GINGE & QG - Better Things (Extended Mix)
Purple Disco Machine Ft. Tasita D´Mour - Rise (Extended)
Oliver Heldens x Anabel Englund - Deja Vu (Extended Mix)
M.Z.I - Losing Control (Extended Mix)
Emzy - Savior (Original)
DRENCHILL FEAT. INDIIANA - What You Say (Extended Mix)
Borgore - Sexy Boi (Original)
Ed Sheeran - Bad Habbits (Tortentobi Remix Extended)
Zack Martino feat. Amanda Collis - Let Me Down (Extended Mix)
Virak - More Than (JJ Rework)
MARTINBEPUNKT FEAT. ANNI - What Is Love (Extended)
Imanbek x Lil Xan x KDDK - Go Crazy (Extended Mix)
Cleez - Is It Love (Cleez VIP Extended Mix)
Cedric Gervais - Shake That Ass (Extended Mix)
Steve Lawler & Raffi Habel - Boom Shack (Extended Mix)
Morgan Page & BVRNOUT - I Love It (Extended Mix)
KLAAS - Hymn (Extended Mix)
DJ TAMBOR - Dam Da Da Da (Extended Mix)
CASSIMM & Rion S - Felicidad (Extended Mix)
Amoon & Walking Path & JoJo Watz - Can U Feel It (Pit Bailay Remix Extended)
Sam Feldt x Rita Ora - Follow Me (Extended Mix)
The Hitmen feat. Taia Dya - Down the Road (Extended Mix)
Tensnake feat. HËXĖ - Call Me (CINTHIE Extended Remix)
Deeperlove - Left Me Dry (Extended Mix)
SAY SAY feat. Chris Howard - Underwater (Extended Mix)
MARTINBEPUNKT - Mit Dir (Extended Mix)
bbno Ft. Rich Brain - Edamame (Diplo Extended Remix)
Mike Candys & LUNAX - Love U So (Extended Mix)
Thoby - I Wanna Know You (Extended Mix)
ÖWNBOSS, Sevek - Move Your Body (Extended Mix)
Dvit Bousa, DJ Frisco, Marcos Peon - My Kisses (Extended Mix)
Borgore & Iván Reich feat. Jonathan. - Shadows (feat. Ivan Reich & Jonathan)
twoloud & Special Vibe - The Whys (Extended Mix)
Claptone Ft. Dizzy - Queen Of Ice (Nora En Pure Extended Club Mix)
Chris Lorenzo Ft. High Jinx - California Dreamin (Vintage Culture Extended Remix)
ANDREW SPENCER - Sunset And The Movies (Jason Parker Remix)
FABIASCO x PERFECT PITCH - Heaven (Extended Mix)
Croatia Squad - You Should Already Know (Extended Mix)
Beachbag x BASTL x Rebecca Helena x JUNAR - Plans of Power (Extended Mix)
Gabry Ponte, Aloe Blacc - Can´t Get Over You (Gabry Ponte Festival Extended Mix)
Ed Sheeran - Graffiti Overpass (Alle Farben Extended Remix)
STEREO PALMA FEAT. MYRA - Because The Night (Drop The Cheese Extended Mix)
SCOTTY - Get Down Saturday Night (Club Edit)
Pete Mazell - If I (Jakle Extended)
Mike Candys & Jack Holiday - Insomnia (Extended Rework)
Neptunica x Felix Schorn x Meela - What Do You Know (Extended Mix)
KOLIDESCOPES - When Friday Comes (Extended Mix)
LIZOT x Boney M. - Daddy Cool (Extended Mix)
Vinylsurfer - Supersonic (Extended Mix)
Jaded - Overtime (Extended Mix)
ANDREW SPENCER, GODFREY, EGBON - I Told You (Can’t Touch This)(Extended Mix)
Mark Bale - Need Nobody (DJ Kuba & Neitan Extended Remix)
Honey Gee, Davis Mallory, Luma - Let Love Rain Down (Extended Mix)
DJ Tim Bayer, Howard Dee - Blue Hotel (Extended Mix)
MONDBLUME - Immer (Extended Mix)
Sean Finn, No Hopes - What a Bam (Original Mix)
Sean Finn, The Soundlovers - Run Away (No Hopes Remix)
Lika Morgan - Ding Dong (Extended Mix)

Playlist 2021 - 130

TOKA - RadioShow 130

GoldFish feat. Max Vidima - Going Home (Original)
Bastian Harper - Kleine Seen (VoxFX Extended Mix)
Nora En Pure - Luscious Rain (Extended Mix)
Ewan McVicar - Tell Me Something Good (Original Mix)
Jaxx Inc. - I Need Your Love (Extended Mix)
Miles & Miles x TwoWorldsApart x Sukie - Beautiful Liar (Extended Mix)
Sean Finn, Block & Crown - Que Pasa (Original Mix)
M-Funk - Don't Give Up (Extended Mix)
Me & My Toothbrush - Up at Night (Extended Mix)
New Hype - Love Again (DJ S.K.T Extended Remix)
Terri Bjerre, Vonny & Clyde, HSR - Higher (Sven Schwarz Mix)
The Disco Boys - Around The World (Milk Bar Extended Remix)
Peter Brandenburg - We Made It (Extended)
Block & Crown - Karma Is A Killer (Sean Finn Nu Disco Remix)
Deeperlove - Going Around (Extended Mix)
Neptunica x Beachbag - Runaways (Extended Mix)
Pat Lok & Party Pupils - I Want You (Extended Mix)
ACRAZE - Do It To It (Ft. Cherish) (Extended Mix)
Roy Jones - Wicked Games (Dj KoeH Mix)
Tom Staar & Eddie Thoneick feat. Abel Simpson - Flames (Extended Mix)
ALOK & John Legend - In My Mind (Joel Corry Extended Remix)
Saint Tropez Caps - You Saved My Life (Jonny Nevs Extended DISCO Remix)
Brando - All Night (Extended Mix)
Ferreck Dawn x Jem Cooke - Back Tomorrow (Extended Mix)
JAY FROG - Take Me Baby (Extended Mix)
KLAAS & MISTER RUIZ - Already Gone (Extended Mix)
liquidfive - Drown (Club Mix)
Morgan Page feat. Maggie Szabo - Sweet Illusion (Extended Mix)
SLIPPY BEATS - Never Know (Extended Mix)
KLAAS & FREDRIK LESTRANGE - Thank You And Goodnight (Extended Mix)
ALEX ZIND & DON BNNR - Tell It To My Heart (Extended)
ALOK Ft. John Martin - Wherever You Go (Extended Mix)
Thomas Heat - Afterlife (Original Mix)
Victoric Leroy - Feel (Extended Mix)
Audien feat. Cate Downey - Wish It Was You (Nils Hoffmann Extended Remix)
ROCKSTROH - Ich Gehör Dir Nicht (MartinBepunkt Remix Extended)
Armin van Buuren x The Stickmen Project - No Fun (Extended Mix)
Micha Moor - Obsession (Extended Mix)
Minelli - Rampampam (VIZE & Averro Extended Remix)
BURNS - Talamanca (Vintage Culture Extended Remix)
DISCO CULTURE FEAT. GREG & GREGORY - Killing Me Softly (Extended)
Jess Bays Ft. Jack Hawitt - Cold Love (Extended Mix)
Marcapasos & Janosh & Hypelezz - Monster 2k21 (Extended Mix)
Maurice West - Outta Control Again (Extended Mix)
Sons Of Maria - Right Here (Extended Mix)
ALEX M. x ALEX MEGANE x NICK MCWILLIAMS - Without You (Extended Mix)
Andrew Rayel & Takis feat. Zagata - Closer (Extended Mix)
Dymd - Echoes (Extended Mix)
NIELS VAN GOGH FEAT. KITA - Hypnotized (Extended Mix)
Simon Fava & Yvvan Back - The Mexican (Extended Mix)
ARTY feat. Griff Clawson - Those Eyes (Extended Mix)
Cleez - Is It Love (Extended Mix)
gotlucky - Lucky Song (Extended Mix)
Mark Knight & Darius Syrossian feat. Prospect Park - Get This Feeling (Extended Mix)
T.M.O feat. Conan Mac - Are We Dreaming (Extended Mix)
twoloud - Blow My Mind (FEIVER Extended Remix)
Robin Schulz & Dennis Lloyd - Young Right Now (Extended Mix)
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano - Unseen Heroes (Extended Mix)
Tiësto x Ava Max - The Motto (Tiësto VIP Extended Remix)
Vintage Culture & James Hype - You Give Me A Feeling (Extended Mix)